Capt. Mel Hecker  (R) completes 25 missions as a lead B-17 pilot with a mission to Berlin on 3/8/44.

San Antonio Aviation FAA Medical Exam

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Dr. RB "Doc" Hecker is your Premier San Antonio Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (Senior AME) for your FAA Pilot First Class, Second Class and Third Class Medical Exams. HIMS AME, IACRA Student Pilot License Validation and other Special Services are available. He has 22 years experience as a FAA Designated Medical Examiner in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Your appointment will be at the San Antonio Alamo Heights Stewart Center located at 5108 Broadway - Suite 203, San Antonio, TX 78209 (Dr. Armstrong's prior office location). Please inform us if you need a Special Issuance, CACI or other Medical Review. Please advise us of what class Medical Exam you need. If you are FAA ATC or Contract ATC please indicate that to us.

Call the office at 210-226-2485 for more information. Dr. Hecker's cell phone for texting is (210) 391-1072. Walk-ins are allowed most available days from 9-11A by calling the office at 210-226-2485. Office Fax is: 210-957-0882.

Don't wait! -  FAA Medical exams expire at the end of the  month.  Bulverde Airport appointments available by contacting Dr. Hecker directly at 210-391-1072 or e-mailing to:  Office Fax is:  210-957-0882.

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Richard B. Hecker, DO, FAOCA

  • FAA Senior HIMS AME #20969 – Authorized to issue 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class certificates
  • FAA HIMS / IMS Senior Aviation Medical Examiner With Over 22 Years Experience
  • The use of MedXPress by the applicant is now required by the FAA - Use this link to apply
  • Expert in managing complex Aerospace Medicine related medical problems (Special Issuance Exams) - Has developed an excellent relationship with the FAA at OKC
  • Strong Pilot Advocate – Dr. Hecker Holds CFI, CFII, MEI, Commercial ASEL, AMEL, B-17, DC-3, ASES, AMES, Glider, Instrument & Tailwheel ratings as well as A&P and IA Certificates

San Antonio Aviation Medical Examiner

5108 Broadway Street - Suite 203, San Antonio, Texas 78209, United States

Suite 203 is Dr. Armstrong's prior office location at the Stewart Center in Alamo Heights. e-mail: Office: 210-226-2485 Fax: 210-957-0882 Cell: 210 391-1072 Text or Call

Please inform us if you require a Special Issuance!

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